A Legacy You Can Count On

By including Operation Healing Forces in your estate or financial plans, you honor the service and sacrifice of Special Operations Forces, now and in the future. Becoming an OHF Legacy Member is an investment in our Nation’s future special operators, their spouses and their families.

Special operators represent the top 1% for our military forces, the tip of the spear. Special operators are called upon more often and deploy at the highest rates in order to secure our nation and freedom. Please consider securing our SOF, operators, spouses, and their families future with your estate gift.

Why include Operation Healing Forces in your legacy?

Operation Healing Forces began in 2011 to aid America’s most elite warriors, Special
Operations Forces and their families. This organization has now become my legacy.
—Gary L. Markel, OHF founder and chairman

The sacrifices that these young men and women make in terms of death, in terms of
suicide, in terms of stress on the family, is unbelievable. This is one of the most
compelling initiatives that I have ever been involved in.
—Tony Markel, OHF board secretary

Operation Healing Forces is one of the few charities I’m aware of where all of the
administrative costs are funded by the founders. That’s phenomenal.
—Bob Mizell, OHF board member and financial advisor

We want to make sure that our donations are helping the people we want to help, instead
of funding administrative expenses. Operation Healing Forces has an amazing model
really takes its mission to heart.
—Keith Leclerc, OHF board member and president of International Diamond Center

Gary Markel had a great vision when he started this program; it represents the best of
what nonprofits do.
—Joe Geiger, President and CEO, First Nonprofit Foundation

Operation Healing Forces works to strengthen the entire SOF family. I don’t think there
are other organizations out there helping veterans and their families in this unique way.
—Wendy Houser, Texas, Executive Territory Officer, Markel Corporation

Meet our legacy donors

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